Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 3 months!


I continue to fall more in love with you with each passing day. I can't help it, you give me so many reasons to love you:

Early on, when you were too little to interact much, it was your warm reassuring breath on my skin when I held you close.

Now, it's watching you explore the world around you. It's those sweet, trusting little hands that always seem to find their way to mine. It's that ear-to-ear grin you're always so eager to share, and the occasional baby giggle—which is like music to Mommy's and Daddy's ears. It's those piercing blue eyes that take us in and threaten never to return us. It's when I hold you upright and you put your arm around my neck—almost like a hug—and I can't help but linger there even when I know I should put you down. Two words: Baby kisses.

You are one of the most vocal, expressive and alert 3-month-olds I've encountered. You continue to grow stronger every day. You've been in preschool now for 2 weeks and you're already making friends--you even got your first Valentine's cards from classmates! I'm so grateful you love your caregiver and class, because it makes working much easier!!

We are so grateful that you're our daughter, that God entrusted us with you for this season. Keep thriving, baby girl!!

Nora 3 months

And the outtakes...