Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big News....

I'll let our message board tell you:

We wanted to wait longer, but we're bursting at the seams to share our news: WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm already getting prepared:

We couldn't be more excited. Our first doctor's appointment was on Monday. I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and this little one has a due date of November 20, 2012 — as in 2 days before Thanksgiving. Talk about something to be thankful for! We also found out Monday that we get to see our baby on the big screen for the first time next Friday!!!!!!

Things are definitely changing around the Melville home (hence all of the sudden nesting). Thanks to those who have already been celebrating with us and praying for us! We love you all.

You can expect this blog to get really interesting in the coming months!!!!!


Jonathan, Liz & Nugget