Friday, June 24, 2011

House Guest

Jonathan and I are enjoying our weekend house guest.

We are dog-sitting our friends' schnauzer, Pixie. She's SO PRECIOUS. Seriously, NO trouble at all — and as a cat owner, I'm frankly not used to that. This is good for us so we can try out what it's like to have a dog loooong before we ever seriously consider getting one.

(A face no one but my cat, Chloe, can resist!)

This weekend has also been filled with updates to projects already under way at our home. I'll share:

(We decided our patio needed a grill pad...)

(Oh yeah, and did I mention we bought a grill?? After MUCH research, we decided on the Master Forge. Bring on the July Fourth festivities!)

(Yup, she's a beaut! We took it for a test drive at dinner and it worked wonderfully!)

Well, I must get my beauty rest because we have several other projects to wrap up tomorrow. We're gluttons for punishment in this humidity, what can I say!?

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