Sunday, June 12, 2011

Change of Scenery

Hubby recognized a need and swooped in to meet that need!

After work on Friday, Jonathan kidnapped me to our "weekend home." That term makes me giggle because a) it's not ours and b) we're hardly ever there. But, we're fortunate enough to have friends with a loft in midtown Atlanta near The Fox that they let us use periodically. It's a great little escape for us!

(The view from our window!)

(A peak at the inside)

(Me pretending to let loose)

(Sweet hubs putting up w/ my shenanigans!)

Friday we ate dinner at The Vortex. Jonathan finally got to try that Midas Touch beer — you know, the one brewed using a recipe from "antiquity," as he likes to say. It was great. Then, he immediately reached over an open flame and set his arm hair on fire. I seriously couldn't stop laughing — especially b/c the smell lingered through dinner. Horrible, I know!

Saturday we got up early and trekked to Piedmont Park with coffee in hand. Gotta say the park is probably my favorite place in the city. It's definitely the most beautiful!

(View of the city from the park)

(Please excuse the hideousness - we were sleepy!)

(The very cool market we stumbled on during our walk)

We made our way back to reality after that. But, the good news is that we got to welcome his mother home safely from a 9-day mission trip to Honduras! We missed her!

Sunday was back to yard work for us. Our Fourth of July party is now less than a month away! Yikes.....

(Back to the grind!)

Hope your weekend was great, my friends!

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