Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Boy

On Tuesday, Jonathan turns the big 2-9! Happy birthday, husband! Hope you enjoy your first married birthday — I know I did mine.

I hope you have the best day because you of all people deserve it. You are so patient and loving and kind to not only me, but to everyone you encounter. You embody what it means to live out a Christian life.

I'm too poor (and cheap) to get you anything grand — although your b-day surprise is coming after work Tuesday — so this, my declaration of undying love, will hopefully be enough, for now! ;-)

I love you sweetheart, and I hope we get to celebrate many more birthdays together.

Here we are celebrating a little early (don't worry, we're celebrating alllll week!):

(Very proud of the Lowe's gift card from his rents!)

(We initially resisted dessert, but these were compliments DiMaggio! You don't say no to an Italian chef!)

(SaZa has heavenly Tiramisu!!!)

(The aftermath. Don't judge.)

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