Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Drab to Fab!

Jonathan and I recently purchased a potting stand constructed from old shipping crates. We'd been searching for an artsy furniture piece to put in the backyard near our new patio in order to have an extra surface to set food and beverages on. The second I saw this piece, I knew that it was perfect!! It had great just needed a little TLC.

(Potting stand in all its hippy glory)

(Here it is after a good sanding & a coat of tinted primer)

I'm sharing this with you all a bit premature, as we still need to apply a layer of actual paint. The color we went with is called Nuthatch at Sherwin Williams. We wanted a more natural-looking wood tone since this will live outdoors. I bet this would look beautimous with some Tiffany blue. Now, where to incorporate it....?

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