Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poopie Wars

So, I really wish I could have sad music playing in the background as you gaze at this little montage of photographs from our time with Miss Pixie.

Today, we gave Pixie back to her rightful family. Jonathan is really sad — he couldn't even be here for her send-off. Me, eh, I'll survive with a little love from Miss ChloeBear Butterscotch Cupcake Richardson-Melville (that's her full name).

On a funnier note, I think we've started poopie wars with the neighbors. Pixie refused to go #2 in our yard, but every time we took her even on the shortest of walks, she always found a neighbor's yard that was juuuust right.

Now, before you start hating on me, please know that I am NOT a dog person and I can use the excuse that I didn't know better on that first walk. On the subsequent trips my excuse was, "Ummm, yeah right I'm picking that up!"

Well, today when I got home from work, there was a steaming pile on our front lawn. I know for a fact our sweet, temporary dog didn't do that. Mere coincidence — or Karma Poopie Fairy???

I may not have a dog anymore, but just wait until I exact my revenge......muahahaahahahahaaaa!

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