Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I've recently been practicing the art of eucharisteo living — a Greek word taken from Luke 22:19 that basically means giving God thanks for all the blessings in your life (especially the small, often overlooked ones). It's a practice that requires being fully weighed down and present in every moment. And, trust me, it does take practice. This way of life is explored thoroughly in Ann Voskamp's, "1000 Gifts: A Dare to Life Fully Right Where you Are."

Quite simply, her book changed the way I live and view God. I've started my own journal chronicling these blessings. Here are a few from my life these last few months of 2014:

1. misty mountain mornings
2. warm waking coffee
3. Nora waking like song bird
4. tree all ablaze; annual parting gift
5. rays of sun on twinkling water
6. boss praying for broken
7. hands smelling of Frazier Fir
8. teaching daughter to eat ice cream cone
9. fancy butter trees
10. cousins holding hands

This practice of thanksgiving literally changes the way you see and experience the world. Very soon you realize that, for the Christian, everything is a gift from God. I could count my blessings forever — and I plan to!

This NYE Jonathan called and asked me to throw some wardrobe possibilities into the wash for him.

Very simply, he asked for my help.

When I got off the phone, I was struck momentarily with the Biblical notion that I am indeed his "helper." I smiled. Rather than my usual grumblings of feeling like "helper" became "do-it-all-er" along the way, I appreciated the fact that my husband trusts that he can ask for my help because we are a team — a God-ordained pair that will walk through this fallen world together. Our relationship is a blessing! It's a daily dying to self and daily commitment to honor this imperfect relationship. And the days we walk with God and choose to obey are days that produce abundant blessings.

I hope this year you'll choose to live life gratefully. With arms and hearts and eyes wide open. Happy New Year's!