Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, Nora!

On Tuesday (5/21), Nora will be 6 months old!!! Can you believe it????

This time last year I was gagging on the smell of honeysuckles. This spring, my sweet Nora is 6 months old and her little personality is in full bloom.

Besides the sleep deprivation, it's been an AMAZING 6 months filled with love and laughter. It's amazing how that love covers the sleep deprivation, all the bodily fluids, the aching muscles, constant sickness, TEETHING, etc.

Nora was 16.4 pounds at last weigh in. She babbles. She rolls everywhere. She has blowing spit bubbles down to an art. She loves to eat dinner with us. She's working on being able to sit up. She's got a killer personality now, too. She's laid back, mostly, though she has her limits -- and when you reach those limits, she'll let you know (hmm....wonder where she got that from!?)

Aaand, she is SO expressive, just like her mama!! :-) Anyway, here are a few pics showcasing the faces of Nora: