Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen FAIL

I tell ya, home improvement projects always sound good in theory, but they never work out like you anticipate — especially in an older home!!!!!!!

There are literally one gazillion things I have planned for my home, but it's amazing how attempting to install one cantankerous kitchen pendant light can make me and Jonathan want to put our house on the market — not to mention drive me to drink.

Everything that can go wrong with this install has. The footprint of the old, ghetto light is extremely too large and can be seen — even despite the ceiling medallion we purchased. And, now, the tiny screws aren't even long enough to grip the outer rim — which holds the darn light to the ceiling! Oh, and in the process of all this, we've found that our ceiling is cracked. Ummm, that can't be good...can it????

My ever-patient husband actually said, "I literally give up!" Then he proceeded to drink. And liquor at that. He never drinks liquor.

A few of you have joked that this blog makes our lives look perfect. So, please, let me share with you a picture of what life in the Melville home really looks like from time to time:

(Notice the tools on every counter to install one tiny light, the exposed bulb hanging from our ceiling and the pile of ceiling debris on the floor.)


(Did you think I was joking?? I should have taken an "after" shot of the liquor level...)

In all seriousness, I am just so ready for this house to feel like a home, and it's frustrating to feel like progress has stalled. I've said it before, but this time I mean it: I think I'm ready to hire a contractor.

Here's what I want my kitchen to look like (since I think we just about have a plan of action to tackle this room):

One can only dream.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is here!

Fall is in the air, and I'm tickled pink to be settling into a new routine with my new jobs!

This weekend my brother and sister-in-law, Thomas & Felicia, dropped in Casa Melville for a visit. We took them to the Coweta County Fair Friday night and stuffed ourselves silly on carne food. Saturday night they went to see Wicked at the Fox (jealous!) — and they ate at two of my fav places, Shout and Cafe Intermezzo. Jonathan and I, meanwhile, had a wicked good time catching up with J's BFF Kendall and his wife, Darbie!

The best part is that my handy brother worked his fingers to the bone this weekend helping us kick start some indoor renovation projects. Homeboy even installed a new toilet seat for us! We've officially been bitten by the bug again!

(Thomas & Felicia)

(Hard at work plumbing our sink)

(Notice our wet bar is now...well...wet.)

(T installing a light on our sun porch — which is about to be painted Jocular Green)

(Edison light bulb!)

I'll forgo the picture of the toilet seat. You're welcome. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I've Learned This Week

• Setting your alarm on the other side of the room really does get you out of bed in the morning (though, for now, still begrudgingly).

• Sunrises are beautiful! I like the way the world looks in soft morning light.

• I took for granted working with my husband. I miss his face so darn much.

• Change is nothing to fear. I'm glad I made certain this was a wise decision, but I also wish I had acted on these opportunities sooner!

• My identity was intertwined with my work. I look forward to the challenge of reinventing myself.

Blind Pilot is the best medicine during a major life overhaul. Their new album saved my life this week!

That's all!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freelancin' It

I'm a gal who has decided to seek out supplemental income. I've also realized that writing is my identity and I want to continue doing it in a fulfilling way.

I recently worked with one of Jonathan's web clients to write the content for her site. Sugar Magnolia will be opening in downtown Newnan any day now and everyone should drop in to check them out!

My friend Lezlee encouraged me to take this a step further and concentrate on building a freelance business of writing services. What a great idea! Thanks, Lezlee!

If you or someone you know needs help putting something into words, I'm your gal!

Here's what my new business cards look like (yes, Lezlee designed them for me!):

Aren't they awesome??? I have some very talented friends... (she does freelance work, too!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Retail Therapy

I'll be brief since I should be crawling in bed about now in order to survive my first (early) day on the new job.

Last week was a mixed bag of emotions. It was hard telling everyone at the newspaper goodbye! There may have been a few teary eyes... But, I'm proud of myself. Rather than being anxious all week about my decision or about my quest to find a new norm, I have been nothing but excited about the opportunities that await. I don't even have a nervous stomach right now on the eve of my first day :-) TMI, I know. I keeps it real, tho!

I did a gazillion things this weekend in preparation for this week, but my favorite was definitely back-to-school shopping ;-)

I still need your prayers! For the next little bit I will be living on under eye concealer, coffee and dry shampoo.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amy's B-rette Weekend

Oh, boy, we had us some mountain fun celebrating Amy, our lovely bride-to-be!

We spent the weekend playing games, eating continuously and laughing until it hurt. We had a wonderful lunch in Dahlonega on Saturday thanks to Amy's future brother-in-law, Troy. We also spent some time unwinding in the hot tub at our amazing cabin! We got to frolic in a vineyard, which is kinda our thing — don't ask!

Fall even came a bit early for us — the weather was cool, we began each morning with pumpkin-spiced coffee and we saw plenty of road-side vendors in Blairsville already selling pumpkins! Yesssss!

This weekend was exactly what I needed. We all left with a LOT of new inside jokes. I'll get to the photos since I'm in the midst of a busy week:

(This is the spread Lezlee & I came up with)

Here was our inspiration:

(Lezlee designed these custom invitations!! She's kind of amazing and has holiday cards coming out in stores this Christmas!)

(Kelly hard at work on tapas!)


(Surprise shower!)

(My mother's DELICIOUS brownie pops!)

(Kelly's creative cupcake sandwiches)

(Yeah. They got eaten.)

(Lunch in Dahlonega)

(Us at the vineyard)

Good times!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Out of Town

I'm going out of town this weekend to the mountains for Amy's bachelorette party! I'm going to try to disconnect from the Internet and the WORLD.

You can expect a LOT of pictures from this weekend...assuming I can drag myself from the hot tub long enough to take some.

When I get back, I'll only have four more days at the paper before I start my new job! This means my next priorities will be to create a home office (Lezlee, help!), and to organize my closet so I can dress like a professional (help, anybody!)