Sunday, September 11, 2011

Retail Therapy

I'll be brief since I should be crawling in bed about now in order to survive my first (early) day on the new job.

Last week was a mixed bag of emotions. It was hard telling everyone at the newspaper goodbye! There may have been a few teary eyes... But, I'm proud of myself. Rather than being anxious all week about my decision or about my quest to find a new norm, I have been nothing but excited about the opportunities that await. I don't even have a nervous stomach right now on the eve of my first day :-) TMI, I know. I keeps it real, tho!

I did a gazillion things this weekend in preparation for this week, but my favorite was definitely back-to-school shopping ;-)

I still need your prayers! For the next little bit I will be living on under eye concealer, coffee and dry shampoo.

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