Friday, August 21, 2015

In the fullness of time

A frequent question I get: When will Nora get a sibling?

A. I'm trying.

Q. It's been over a year, how do you remain hopeful?

A. I'm trying.

Some days are better than others. Baby fever can be overwhelming. But I know our family isn't complete. One way or the other — though I have an overwhelming peace that this is God's plan and that Nora won't be our last biological child. Doubt sometimes creeps in and makes everything cloudy.

I have been trying to blog about this forever. I've always had a commitment to be honest on here and let God use it for His glory (hopefully). Every month though I'd postpone publishing this in hopes that I'd be able to post a pregnancy announcement instead. And that just hasn't been the case.

I know I'm not alone in this and that brings great comfort. I have so many friends who have gone and are going through this very struggle. Life in a fallen world. We must pray for and uplift one another in our trials.

I am making the most of my time with Nora and the extra time I have these days (as she becomes a little more independent) to study God's word and draw nearer to him. I am truly grateful for having one healthy, smart, beautiful little girl.

I can't help but remember and be comforted by the Biblical phrase "in the fullness of time." That's when Jesus entered the world to accomplish his perfect plan. That's when God's divine will for our lives is carried out. In the fullness of time.

Prayers are always appreciated, though!


The Melvilles

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