Sunday, January 25, 2015

The part-time homesteader

After the holidays, my weight was in an upward trend while my health was in a downward trend. I'm sure I'm not alone — maybe my dryer really did shrink my jeans??

Let me tell you, though, gluten, processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates are not my friends.

At my low point, I fainted after church when my blood sugar plummeted. Jonathan revived me with milk and peanut butter. It was a blood sugar roller coaster there for a while, though.

And there's more: eczema, infertility, mood swings, insomnia, etc. As for me and my family, we've had enough.

I'm presently toiling over a dilemma as old as time. I'm a working mom (albeit part-time work). I still spend every day wishing I could have done more. Nothing brings me more pleasure than watching my family — especially Nora — enjoy a healthy and delicious meal prepared by me.

I wish I could be on a few acres of land raising some of my own food. I've already named my goat. I can taste the goat cheese. I can't wait to process my first chicken. I want a grove of fruit trees and a sprawling garden. I want to go to bed exhausted every day with dirt under my fingernails.

My coworker talked me into ordering a Mennonite cookbook. That's when you know you're all in!

First rule of motherhood is simple, though: Do what you can and let go of the rest. As a Christian, I am working on finding contentment in Christ alone. That doesn't mean I can't set goals for the things within my power to accomplish.

I did a gluten detox for 10 days and dropped a few pounds and got my blood sugar back under control. I'm doing my best to limit processed foods. We've been using the Nutri Bullet my parents got me for Christmas to make healthy morning smoothies packed with nutrients. I've made homemade apple sauce. I've been making my own chicken bone broth. I want to explore the idea of eating local foods.

There are some limitations, presently. My home in the city doesn't have ideal space for a garden. I'm not supposed to have farm animals. I'm looking for a workable solution to this, but we love our home, so we're not sure what to do.

For now, I'm calling myself a part-time homesteader. Every day I'm reading more about what that entails. I'm building a community of like-minded people who can encourage me and share their knowledge. I'm doing what I can in the hours provided me. I'm also always on the lookout for your tips, recipes and proposed solutions. If you've got them, please message me!

God bless!

PS I laugh when I watch this commercial, because it reminds me of my tendency to turn to extremes. If you can't laugh at yourself....