Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amy's B-rette Weekend

Oh, boy, we had us some mountain fun celebrating Amy, our lovely bride-to-be!

We spent the weekend playing games, eating continuously and laughing until it hurt. We had a wonderful lunch in Dahlonega on Saturday thanks to Amy's future brother-in-law, Troy. We also spent some time unwinding in the hot tub at our amazing cabin! We got to frolic in a vineyard, which is kinda our thing — don't ask!

Fall even came a bit early for us — the weather was cool, we began each morning with pumpkin-spiced coffee and we saw plenty of road-side vendors in Blairsville already selling pumpkins! Yesssss!

This weekend was exactly what I needed. We all left with a LOT of new inside jokes. I'll get to the photos since I'm in the midst of a busy week:

(This is the spread Lezlee & I came up with)

Here was our inspiration:

(Lezlee designed these custom invitations!! She's kind of amazing and has holiday cards coming out in stores this Christmas!)

(Kelly hard at work on tapas!)


(Surprise shower!)

(My mother's DELICIOUS brownie pops!)

(Kelly's creative cupcake sandwiches)

(Yeah. They got eaten.)

(Lunch in Dahlonega)

(Us at the vineyard)

Good times!

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