Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Project Update

We had a productive weekend, though I'm just getting around to sharing on my blog.

We (correction: my father-in-law, Rick) installed a ceiling fan on the back porch. It was my early birthday present! Yay, me!

The menfolk continued putting up screens. It's apparently very time-consuming work!

Once the screens are up, it will be time to install new carpet and then we can purchase the outdoor patio furniture we've picked out and we will have usable space in the summer when the mosquitos make our back yard unbearable. I'm so grateful for all the help we've had—Jonathan's dad and our good friend Keith Kotrla! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Speaking of Keith...he even borrowed equipment from Yamaha to fill my raised bed with dirt! Jonathan and I hadn't exactly planned out how we were going to do that without killing ourselves. Keith really came to the rescue.

This weekend I retrieved some herbs from Nonna's yard (with Rita's help!) to plant in my own raised bed! I've planted marjoram, parsley, arugula and mint.

I hope to plant some veggies before Easter!

On another note, I'm finally going to follow through with the giveaway I teased you all with before. It will likely be in the coming days. Also, you're going to want to read tomorrow's blog. There will be big news!

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