Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project-ing like Whoa.

This was a big weekend for us. We have hit the ground running trying to accomplish some of the outstanding projects that were put on hold during "winter."

First, my rents came into town on Saturday and I convinced my father to help us construct our raised bed finally!

(Materials cost under $50, yay!)

Now, we have to dig four holes for the legs so it'll be secure and flush to the ground, and then we'll just have to fill it up with soil. Soon I can begin my gardening magic! If this goes well, I think I'll want to add another bed next year.

Then, just as I thought J & I would share a relaxing Sunday, I heard him making a LOT of noise on our back porch. He was ripping up the nasty, blue carpet!!

He didn't stop there, either. Next he ripped down the screens. Apparently we're going to repaint, put up new screens and lay carpet next weekend. Ambitious much???

These are fun times around the Melville house. Feel free to stop by and help him so he doesn't kill himself!

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