Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

My favorite time of year has arrived once again (yes, I can still appreciate it after a winterless winter)! We celebrated in the Melville household Saturday by spending the day outside.

I have a crazy strong sense of smell and, as you know if you read my blog or have ever met me, am obsessed with flavors. So, this spring I've made it my aim to make my yard a sensory experience. I took the first step Saturday when I planted lavender. I will enjoy its sweet fragrance all summer, and I will collect the dying blooms, dry them out, and create sachets for my closets and dresser drawers.

I will soon be planting rosemary as well (we're lucky to be getting many cuttings from Nonna's garden). I can already taste the rosemary potatoes and rosemary chicken.

Saturday, I also planted my first blueberry tree — though we apparently need to plant something else nearby for the two to cross-pollinate?? I guess I should have read the fine print!

(Sorry the pic is horrible, I was using my phone!)

We've sketched out plans for the raised garden bed. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the lumber we needed at Lowe's so that project has come to a screeching halt. Now we're considering just doing a regular ol' garden... thoughts? Where could we get custom cut lumber and not pay an arm and a leg??

Boy, I missed our weekend projects and that feeling of exhausted fulfillment!!!!!

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