Thursday, July 28, 2011


Whew - we barely squeaked this post in in time....

Today (Thursday) is the one-year anniversary of buying our beautiful home!

Well, we all know it didn't start off beautiful — or very home-like! We've done a lot of little things inside and out to add value. But, we've also done a few big things.

Inside, we've demo'd a kitchen wall and built a new one, replaced the old countertops with granite and updated the appliances. We're replacing light fixtures — something little that goes a long way.

Outside, you all have come along with us as we've virtually torn out every bit of the landscaping the previous homeowner had in place and started from scratch. We had the windows and front door painted before we could even close on the property. And who can forget the wonderful patio we nearly killed ourselves creating — you know, the one we haven't been able to enjoy because of the mutant mosquitos and oppressive heat/humidity.

There is still SO much more to do. Trust us. It's intimidating! The next big thing we're going to tackle is our sitting room. Here's a panoramic of what it looks like now:

It's having a SERIOUS identity crisis. I want to splash on a new coat of paint, replace the doors to the bar cabinets, add shelving and decor. I want a lounge — a place people would want to congregate!!!

Here's sorta what I envision when it's complete:

(Now, I just need something fancy to go over the couch, shelving above the bar and track lighting — oh, and to actually carry out these plans I've made! P.S. Hubs wants the world to know his Illustrator skills are much more advanced that this picture shows....he worked under the whip!)

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