Monday, October 24, 2011

Back at it!

It is MUCH more fun to do yard work in the fall — though, I must say, I didn't 100 percent relish doing it with a sinus infection.

Here are some of our yard updates:

Take note of the new, darker mulch. Pine bark mulch looks pretty and smells good, too. We also replaced some dead bushes with Encore Azaleas.

Here is the tree that J is calling "the newest member of our family." He's coveted this tree for more than a year:


We also finally tackled a flower bed on the other side of the stairs in front of our house:

(Don't let him fool you—I dug the trench for these pavers!)

What to carve in our pumpkin...?

And, good news for us on the horizon: We are meeting with a contractor to get an estimate for all of the work we need done inside our home. If it's reasonable, we might just have a new kitchen and bathroom soon! I, for one, think that would be the best Christmas present ever!!

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