Sunday, October 16, 2011

How are we gonna top this??

This was, frankly, just the best weekend Jonathan and I could ask for!

First, on Friday, J's mom, Rita, surprised us with an arrangement of flowers that were made to look like those we had on display at our wedding!

On Saturday, I surprised J by taking him to Dunaway Gardens (where we got hitched) for a picnic lunch. Contemporary Catering sent us there with the exact menu of food we served at our wedding!!! We finally got to eat that meal! ;-) Not only that, but Josh at Dunaway surprised us and set up a table for two in the gardens!!!!

Look familiar?

And since there was no one around to take our picture...

For dinner, J took me to eat at The Hil in Serenbe, which is where he proposed to me on April 10, 2010. After a great meal, we came back to our house to enjoy the top tier of our wedding cake. We invited his mom & dad and Nonna over to partake.

I had forgotten how beautiful the cake was!

And it was still delicious!

We, of course, cut it with our cake cutter and served it on our special napkins:

What in the world will we do on our second anniversary???


  1. Awww, Happy Anniversarry!! You guys are such an awesome couple!

  2. You were the only missing link, Jeremy! That's why we settled for less-then-mediocre pictures of ourselves!