Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Halfway there!

I've made it to 20 weeks, meaning I'm halfway there!! In some ways it feels like I've been pregnant forever (maybe because I'm so excited to meet Nora), and in some ways it feels like I blinked to get to this point. I'm terrified when I think of it in terms of the latter because the next time I blink I better be prepared for her to be here.

The big, recent development is that I'm starting to feel her move on a regular basis. Her movements are getting strong enough that Jonathan actually felt her move this past weekend. We've already come to realize that she's a daddy's girl. Every time she hears his voice she goes crazy. I can sense his presence in the room or next to me in bed in the middle of the night and she'll start flipping!

Here's my 20-week, Nora bump:

In addition to slowly getting started on the nursery, I've also begun my Babies-R-Us registry. You can check that out online and start sending me/Nora presents :-)

This blog is going to be short because the Fourth of July is tomorrow and we're hosting another big party. I can't wait to share our pics from our second annual backyard barbecue!!

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