Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's my 24-week bump update, or bumpdate!

You'll also notice me modeling my fab new diaper bag! Here's a closer look:

(Nifty stroller straps)

So, I decided on the OiOi Sand Dot Hobo diaper bag. It's large. There's no shortage of pockets and pouches. I ordered it through Diapers.com with a discount code and free shipping. However, the bag was supposed to come with accessories — a matching changing pad, wipes case and insulated bottle pouch. Those did not arrive with the bag. Diapers.com contacted the manufacturer for me and I've been told that the manufacturer is sending the accessories to me no questions asked, so I'm just waiting patiently for that to happen. If it doesn't, I sadly will have to send the bag back :-(

In the meantime, my initial response is that I really like the bag. The outside looks like it might be a little more difficult to clean. Rather than being a slick surface like it appeared to be in the web pictures, it looks more like a fabric with Scotchgard. I guess I'll have to let Nora take the bag for a true test drive when she gets here. Also, I better never fill that bag up or I imagine my neck and back will pay the price (I'm grateful for the messenger strap).

As for pregnancy, the second trimester is continuing to treat me wonderfully. Nora is in the middle of a growth spurt. I could eat a house and still be hungry!!! In the next two weeks I will be entering the third trimester and she will be over 2 pounds. I feel her kick all the time now — and we're even starting to see my stomach moving as she runs out of room. I'm finally starting to really show and it's nice that people are brave enough to chat me up about pregnancy. We've finally started work on the nursery, too. We've picked out a paint color and furniture.  The painter is supposed to pay us a magical visit this week, but I know how these things go (and he's already put us off once).

I'm excited for the weekend. I'm going to visit my folks for some SC spoiling' while my husband stays behind to get some work done. Also, my mom and I are going to get started on some of Nora's custom nursery accessories! Can't wait to share pictures of Nora's crib...hehehe, literally. Her crib. Get it?

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