Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Month Update


Mommy and Daddy have kept you alive (and ourselves) for one whole month! Praise be to God :-)

Every day you get more beautiful and every day we love you more. You are long and lean like your daddy and growing like a weed. At your one month wellness check today (with The. Most. Awesome. pediatrician in Newnan: Dr. Jill Dickerson) you had already jumped from your birth weight of 6 pounds, 14 ounces to 8 pounds, 4 ounces!!!! You're a little piglet :-) I mean that in the most loving way possible...

You love tummy time. You can already lift your head and look around and you're usually staring with wonder at our Christmas tree or your Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy.

Your first bath wasn't well received, but don't feel bad because that's pretty normal. Several baths in you're starting to get used to the whole concept — that and we've figured out how to make it minimally traumatic for you :-)

You LOVE to sleep at night, thank goodness. Your tiny stomach and high metabolism (you got that from mommy!) are the only things keeping you from sleeping all night at this point. Perhaps in a few more weeks you'll be able to sleep through the night. I'm really looking forward to that.

The day time isn't always as great, much to mommy's dismay. You don't sleep well and you really like to be held. God is working on me in this situation because Task Master Liz has had to learn that I don't get my self worth from the things I accomplish (or DON'T) in a day. I get my worth from Jesus. And if I do nothing more than hold you in my arms all day, then my day WAS well spent.

Christmas is less than a week away! It's your first and that's exciting because it's Daddy's favorite holiday. We call him Father Christmas around here. You'll grow to understand and appreciate that fully. Because of you, we have all we could want or need this holiday. Just last year your daddy told me on Christmas that he wanted to have a little baby girl or boy to love on by the time the next Christmas rolled around. Well, here we are and his wish came true!

We can't wait to watch you grow and see the person you're going to become.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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