Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a couple of kids

First, before I begin my photo dump, let me say a special happy 55th birthday to my dad! I need to make my way to SC to visit my folks soon. I'll get right on that (as soon as my vertigo finally settles back down and I can get in a car again).

Disney World was amazing. I had so much fun with my husband. If you know him, you know Walt Disney World was built for people like him :-) He enjoyed seeing WDW through my eyes (as a first-timer), and I enjoyed seeing WDW through his eyes (since he's a big kid). Plus, you just don't realize how little time you spend with your spouse during the work week until you get to vacation together. I will miss him tomorrow when we return to work.

Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

We went on a safari, scaled Everest, had champagne in France and beer in Germany, we soared over California, peered into our future, barely made it to an Aerosmith concert, dined in a 1950's sitcom, we've been to Hollywood and space and everywhere in between—and we ran into a LOT of characters along the way. We are EXHAUSTED!

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