Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going Green?

I'm taking inventory of my life. I'm considering some sustainable lifestyle changes. I've been convicted lately about how much I waste. I also despise some of the food and beverages I consume (umm, please ignore my previous blogpost)—and as someone who suffers from IBS and can hardly even find foods that settle on my stomach (and especially still nourish me), I need to commit myself wholly to finding healthy meals and snacks that work for MY body.

A coworker, Meg, has inspired me with her diet. She eats NOTHING bad. Only fresh, seasonable fruits and vegetables. Who has time for that—especially with 3 kids!?! Another friend through church has committed herself and her family to the Paleo diet. If you don't know about this, you should look into it. It makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately my IBS doesn't tolerate most raw veggies, so I'm limited. Many of you will remember my journey through the Candida diet in early 2010. While I saw the pounds vanishing into thin air, I suffered repercussions when I added back all food groups at once. That diet (no sugar, no alcohol, no carbs or glutens) tested the bounds of my discipline. I will admit, though, that being on the diet was the best I've felt in a while—minus the low energy. My stomach felt great all the time. I only wish the diet were sustainable.

Looking ahead to spring, plans are in the works at the Melville household to build raised beds for peppers, butternut squash, tomatoes, herbs....I also want a blueberry tree. Produce is SO expensive at the grocery store, and I'm tired of having to pay so much to be healthy.

As far as going green, I found a list of ways to "go green and save some green" on They had some good suggestions—things I haven't considered before. J & I have requested recycling bins (yes, we're finally getting on that bandwagon), and I'd like to begin composting. We live near downtown, so we need to get outside more and walk or bike to our destinations.

Here's a tip from the website that I hadn't considered: "Eat smart. If you eat meat, add one meatless meal a week. Meat costs a lot at the store-and it's even more expensive when you consider the related environmental and health costs. Buy locally raised, humane, and organic meat, eggs and dairy whenever you can. Purchasing from local farmers keeps money in the local economy."

Another tip that called me out: "Skip the bottled water." Ouch. I know. I'm getting there. I'm even trying to replace my plastic storage containers with glass to avoid BPA. Another coworker has me paranoid about plastic IN food—i.e. maltodextrin and dextrin. It's difficult to find food without those ingredients, even though they are illegal in Europe! There are so many food rules, my head is going to explode!

Please share your healthiest recipes with me — especially a few vegetarian meals. The requirements for my recipes are that they be fairly inexpensive and not too time-consuming. Maybe I'll share a few of them on my blog!!!

Oh, and since this is the longest-winded blogpost I've written in a while, I'll go ahead and tease you all that I plan to do my first giveaway soon! You'll want to stick around for that!!


  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    I stumbled across your blog a little bit back (Facebook link?...can't remember). Anyway, one of my friends posts a lot of tasty looking vegan recipes on her blog:

    I hope you're doing well!
    Kristina (Krzyzanowski) Kunkle

  2. Thanks, Kristina. I'll definitely check that out. I am great - I hope life is treating you well, also!