Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Overnight Bump

I did it. I survived the first trimester! I don't feel quite back to my old self (and I don't imagine I will for quite a few more months, if ever!), but the first trimester blahs are settling down to make room for fun, new second trimester symptoms.

Things I've experienced so far this trimester include: Random gagging, bleeding gums, nasal congestion, shortness of breath and charley horses in the wee morning hours. Yup, according to all the books I'm right where I'm supposed to be :-)

On a positive note, I'm pretty sure I felt the baby flutter for the first time on Memorial Day! Jonathan and I had been cleaning out the room that will be the nursery, and when I sat down to rest I felt that strange butterfly-like feeling moms often describe. I felt it a few more times throughout the remainder of the day - and once more as I was climbing in bed to go to sleep. What a wonderful experience!

Now, I look forward to finding out whether Nugget is a boy or girl. I'm excited that people are starting to notice my growing bump, too (and that I'll soon be able to fill out my hip new maternity clothes)!

This trimester brings with it a long to-do list. I feel like, while I have energy, I should get started on the nursery. And, since I'm experiencing a major nesting phase, I think I'll go with it and see what I can get accomplished. I have also started thinking about all the things I'll need to register for. Please feel free to pass along your tips and warnings to these inexperienced, unknowledgeable, first-time parents. :-)

At this point, I'm finally starting to feel some of that pregnancy excitement! Yipee for me!!

I'll leave you with some comparison belly shots:

(7 weeks. Washboards & regular jeans)

(15 weeks. Maternity skirt & an overnight bump!)


  1. I was expecting to see Jonathan's bump. Keith gained pound for pound with me. Oh, I love that Chloe is in the background.

  2. Chloe makes it into all our pictures (especially Jonathan's!) :-) And maybe I'll make his Bump Part II....!hehehe