Friday, May 4, 2012


I feel SO much better. No, I'm not over the constant nausea. No, I don't suddenly feel maternal or even like I've escaped life inside an alien body...

But (and it's a BIG but...), I've found myself a little support group of women who had rough first trimesters—who have also, at one point, questioned their abilities as expectant mothers—who even <gulp> didn't enjoy pregnancy!

In our society, I'm made to feel horrible if I don't talk about pregnancy while beaming excitement. How exactly am I to do that when walking from one room to the next is a strain on this body??

I'm not alone in that this baby would only eat pickles if not for my husband's constant intervention. I'm also not the only one who can't take a shower without the world spinning around me.

In connecting with these other women who endured hardships and went on to feel great, love their babies and be wonderful mothers, I'm able to appreciate where I'm at (and this Nugget) just a little bit more. And that's something I'll take at this moment.

My birthday is May 12. All I ask for this year are prayers! :-)

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