Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seaside Round-up

We just got back from Seaside — a.k.a. the most relaxing place on earth. This trip will likely have to serve as our babymoon unless we can squeak in another mini vacay somewhere!

We return to this beach annually because it holds a special place in our hearts. Seaside has truly seen the evolution of Jonathan and Liz. The first time we were there Jonathan was my friend with the hint of something more, the second time we were newlyweds and this time we're pregnant! I hope we get to return next May so we can introduce 5-month-old Nugget to our favorite sunny spot!

Here's a recap of last year's trip to Seaside: Vacation, More Seaside and Another Day in Paradise.

I took scant few pictures on this trip. Lucky for you, my father-in-law, Rick, was on top of the photo duties this year. I was busy being nauseous, celebrating my 29th birthday and having a happy Mother's Day :-)

 Here are some pictures from the music and arts festival that was going on:

(Artist Justin Gaffrey at work! Brilliant!)

Please notice that his paintings aren't just chunky—they're practically 3D!

Needless to say it was another fun year!! Can't wait to go back!

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