Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm too relaxed to write much, so I'll keep this brief.

We're on vacation. This was much-needed. Seaside is paradise. Oh, and I'm finally starting to get over a monstrous head cold that came on this weekend right as we were about to leave for the beach.

Two funny things so far:

1. My husband didn't pack a bathing suit for the beach. No surprise there! The problem has been remedied, though — and I opted not to publicly humiliate him by buying him a ridiculous bathing suit... He forgot to pack sunglasses, too, btw!

2. Only my mother-in-law could drive to the middle of no where in Alabama and have the cashier at McDonald's say, "Hey, Mrs. Rita. You were my teacher!"

Okay, now I'll commence with the photographs...

(Our little beach bungalow)

(Our room)

(Taco Bar)

(Downtown Seaside)

(Only pic of us, so far...not great, but, oh well!)

(Our roomies for the week!)


  1. Oh my ... go shop at Modica for me, then swing by Heavenly Shortcakes for something sweet. And later, if you happen to see anything you think I'd like at Big Mama's Hula Girl Gallery, well, Christmas will be here before you know it! (Pickets is my favorite shop there though, out towards Seagrove. Won't open 'til later in the week, but it has wonderful garden/home decor stuff if you/Rita are interested.) Enjoy!

    P.S. Is "V" open yet? New place on the corner as you head towards Publix?

  2. V?? I'll have to look for that. I don't know where Heavenly Shortcakes is. I've been too lazy and broke to do much shopping! :-) But, I promise to make it by Big Mama's on the way out of's a tradition!