Monday, May 2, 2011

Backyard Bash

Long story short, my diet of late has been just about as bad as my commitment to blogging. But I guess you knew I fell off the diet bandwagon from the pictures of the scones. And it was all downhill from there...

It was a BUSY weekend, friends. Jonathan and I had a yard sale Saturday. We did pretty well considering we really only had a lot of little things. My parents-in-law did a lot better because they had genuine antiques and furniture pieces. All the money we made went to bills...oh, and a little to Lowe's, but I'm getting there!

After the yard sale our community group friends Sierra and Dane were wed in quaint Senoia. Our pastor officiated for them, so it was nice to hear mine and Jonathan's vows again :-) Really took me back.

Now I'll get to what you really want to hear about: More home improvement. We've decided to host a Fourth of July backyard bash for some of our close friends since we never really did have a house warming party in the midst of all our wedding chaos.

This means we have an actual deadline to reclaim our backyard and make it presentable. This is no small feat. Hours and hours of manual labor in — not to mention $1 billion at Lowe's — we've only just gotten up the layer of leaves and sticks that covered the upper tier of our backyard.

Now we have to work on the 12-foot hedges, coax grass to grow (okay, husband, call TruGreen) and hardscape a patio area! My birthday is May 12 and I'm hoping to get a big ol' gas grill so this grill master can prepare hamburgers and hot dogs for our party guests (invites to come!)

Here's what it looks like to date:

Here's what I hope it'll look like in about 9 weeks:

(What? I'm not asking for much...)

Oh, and since this is a mishmash of randomness, I'll go ahead and throw out that we're headed to Seaside, Florida in a couple of weeks to relax in paradise.

You can expect to see daily teaser shots: sunrises, sunsets, delectable-looking seafood entrees that I didn't have to prepare and white sand beaches. You will not see my pasty whiteness reflecting sunlight. :-)

Here are a few of my fav pics from my last trip to Seaside:

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