Saturday, January 5, 2013


As I sit down to write this blog with a glass of wine in hand, I tell myself that my life with Nora still holds a glimmer of glamour.

Then, I look down and realize I'm drinking a nasty glass of cheap white (that's all we can afford now that we have a child) while wearing my donut pajamas in the middle of the afternoon--and for the second day in a row...

As if that's not enough evidence to conclude that I'm (temporarily) living a glamour-less life, let me take a page from one of my favorite blogs and illustrate what happened when J and I went to change Nora's diaper Saturday morning:

I had to illustrate this because we were too busy chasing the poop to take a picture of all the damage done by one tiny, 9-ish pound, sweet baby girl.

Yup, definitely no glamour here. Back to my wine—someone bring me a nice red #bringbacktheglamour2013

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