Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Guys, my blog got a spring break-inspired facelift. Bout time, right??

I know I've done a poor job of updating this regularly. My excuse is simply that I've been really busy with my jobs and with Nora. Jonathan has also been really busy with his freelance business. We know we're ultimately blessed to have jobs, family friends!

But I will get back to my woodworking projects soon...and you are invited to follow along!

Please pay special attention to my new "Follow this blog" tab. I've tried to make it easier to follow along through NetworkedBlogs.

Here's a few quick pictures of Nora (now 16 months old) that I had to share from her first trip to Zoo Atlanta yesterday (thank you Lezlee Tsai for making us get out of the house!!)

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