Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Go Bold or Go Home???

I may be having a case of buyer's remorse. I may just be panicking because I don't do color. I mean, I grew up in a white-walled home. I have OCD, too, so things have to be perfect, which sometimes means I just never try something at all because I could mess it up. <breathing into a paper bag>

Let me start from the beginning and explain what I've done and how I need your help.

Jonathan and I finally finished our sea fan frame. You know the beauty constructed using reclaimed wood from downtown Newnan and a dried coral from Etsy:

I am in love with it. We are displaying it proudly in our foyer.

However, the more I looked at this picture, the more I was bothered by the hideously boring walls that we've been vowing to paint since we moved in 3.5 years ago. So, today, I decided it was finally time to put color to my mudroom walls to make the room worthy of my new oceanic wall decor (and the awesome coat rack my dad built me).

I decided to try navy since my friend Lezlee helped me narrow the color field while she was visiting last week (she is a VERY talented artist, after all, and she DID select the beautiful green that is in Nora's nursery).

So, I took several deep breaths and started painting (which, if you have OCD, too, you know that means I've now committed myself to finishing this project SOON because I can't stand to leave things undone). Surprisingly, Jonathan and I loved it. Here, take a gander:

And then it started to dry and darken. Suddenly my "goboldorgohome" hashtag on Instagram was looking more like #goboldorgohome???? 

And then the sun began to set and it darkened some more. And now I worry that we just ventured from the land of trendy sunroom to college frat backroom where the PJ is kept.

See!? Can you tell the difference:

Normally I don't ask for these, but I want OPINIONS! Help me. I'm way on the fence with this one. I either need to be encouraged to embrace color, or to retreat to the safety and comfort of a slate blue or seafoam green.

Help a sister out.


  1. Maybe just try something that dries the color of this when it's wet...

  2. Too dark...what's wrong with slate blue and seafoam? They are colors. I'm thinking that brick red floor needs a peaceful friend.