Sunday, February 16, 2014

Biscuit Joiner Reunion!

My parents finally came for a visit this weekend! You know what that means...

I put my dad to work. But first I let him get some quality snuggles with the gal who ran around behind him all weekend saying "Papa."

I'm super sad to realize no one got a picture of Meme with her Nora :-( That just means we need to get together again soon.

Here is the frame I made (with help!) all properly joined.

Here are the biscuits:

Here's my dad marking the boards so we could line up the cuts.

Biscuit joiner in action:

Here are what the ends look like before we added wood glue:

We didn't have clamps so we cinched the boards together with--you guessed it--duct tape.

Still waiting for the coral to arrive. When it does, you will see the next phase of this project.

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