Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scrummy Lemon Loaf

I'm not fun to be around during the winter. Just this week, my dear husband described me as "winter stricken." But, this winter I've found a remedy for my winter blues — baking! It's therapy for me and a treat for my family (it's how I beg their forgiveness). Before Nora, baking just meant whipping up something fattening and delicious. Now, I'm on the hunt for healthy, kid-friendly fare.

Now for a tangent: I married into an Italian family. I'm convinced my Nonna will live forever. And I think it's because 1) Italians are feisty and 2) they eat (and drink) wonderfully! This lady wouldn't give me a Tylenol while I was pregnant, but she'd pour me a glass of wine. That's another tangent. I'm pretty sure 99% of her food is cooked with garlic and EVOO. Nobody cooks like my Nonna. I need to spend a week with her learning her Master Jedi ways.

Today, I decided to make a lemon loaf merely because 1) I was craving lemons and 2) the recipe called for olive oil instead of butter. It even has greek yogurt in it. Not to mention fresh squeezed lemon juice. You practically have to call this health food. And it was scrummy (scrumptious + yummy; thank you Schmidt from New Girl).

Check this beauty out:

I found this recipe here! Oh, and I used very little of the glaze on top because I found the loaf to be sweet enough. I'm going to keep tweaking this recipe to make it my own. And with my recent fascination with chia seeds and coconut oil, don't be surprised if ALL of my baked goods from here on out contain one or both of these magical ingredients. Then maybe I'll survive this winter and stick around as long as Nonna has!

Please feel free to send me your favorite recipes for baked goods — lemon or otherwise!

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  1. That looks delicious, I'll take a whole loaf. Bake ME one!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I love the New Girl reference.