Monday, February 10, 2014

Dried Coral & Wooden Spools

Today was a loooong Monday. The highlight of my day was my email confirmation that the black sea fan I ordered on Etsy this weekend had shipped.

Picture it:


My homemade frame

Well, if you can't picture it, you simply must wait for the finished piece!!! Eeeee! I got inspired at Scott's Antique Mart this past weekend. 

Speaking of Scott's, they had some awesome (albeit mostly overpriced) stuff! And picking through the boneyard outside for parts was FABULOUS. Rick, my father-in-law, even bought me these wooden spools. I'm still trying to decide just how I'm going to use them.

Bookends? Wine rack? Coat rack?? If you have any ideas, do share! I have a much bigger project lined up involving MUCH bigger spools...

My parents are coming up this weekend and my dad is bringing his biscuit joiner. I will finally get to make my frames from repurposed barn wood. And Jonathan and I may con my dad into some home repairs while he's here. Yipee!

Have a great week everyone. And stay off the icy roads (boo, hiss!).

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