Monday, April 18, 2011

The Garden Tour

Yes, I dream in ferns now. Jonathan tamed this tiger. I'm a domestic diva, and I am not ashamed.

Let me introduce you to my new life:

(English Ivy)

(Eugenia Topiary)


(Japanese Maple)

(Roses - not sure what variety??)

(Hostas - inexplicably my favorite!)

(Ostrich Ferns—we have BIG plans for these puppies in our shady backyard...stay tuned!)

(Boston Ferns)

(Miniature Gardenia)

The new & improved front yard (notice there's something new every time I post this photo; this time it's the FIVE new Knockout Rose bushes):

Here is the centerpiece of our yard, and one of the main reasons we bought this house:

(We estimate this to be around a 200-year-old oak?)

And, here is the newest addition to my yard, which I plan to use as a bird feeder (thanks, Christine!)

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