Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Recipe for the Perfect Day

There are three things that I could probably live without, but I wouldn't want to. They enrich my life and make each and every day a little more enjoyable.

My morning cup of coffee:

(J's made me a coffee snob. Now, only fresh ground, medium roast, Dunkin Donuts coffee will do.)

Afternoon tea:

(It's only fitting that I took this image from my friend/coworker Angela's blog, Tea With Friends, because she and my friend, Holly, are the people responsible for getting me hooked on Emperor's Bride Tea. It's Finnish and can only be purchased from The Savannah Tea Room!!! If you love tea and haven't tried it, rush order it from their website. Just beware the caffeine content!)

Evening glass of wine:

(I have fallen in love with Red Diamond cabernet sauvignon. It's tasty and cheap!)

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