Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Improvement

Since before the wedding, Jonathan and I have been steadily making improvements to our new home. We're updating, renovating, decorating and sometimes aggravating...only kidding! I've found out that I do indeed have a limited amount of patience — especially in Lowe's. I've also learned that my sweet husband is quite the handyman to have around! He's assisted with our kitchen remodel, he's installed shutters, light fixtures and blinds. He's even proven victorious in the War Against Cat Urine (if you don't know this story, don't ask...)

Anywho, here's what the outside looked like when we purchased our home in July 2010 (can you believe it's almost been a year!?):

Here's what the outside looks like now:

Here are some before and afters of our kitchen remodel, which was quite dramatic (and we're still not finished!):

(Ignore the cheesiness!)

(Demo in progress)

(After, with new countertops and appliances)

(We made room for a fridge in the kitchen!)


Here are some additional photos of our house for your viewing pleasure:

Phase two of our renovations and updates will be the upstairs. Blue carpet simply won't cut it — but don't expect that anytime soon. We're waiting on more money, energy and time -- not to mention a game plan. For now, we're content with our weekend updates to the downstairs and outdoors. Drop by to check out our progress, to lend a helping hand or to make a few helpful suggestions!

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