Friday, April 8, 2011

Diary of a Happy White Woman

I have a busy weekend coming up, so I'll be brief!

I had the privilege Friday of being present when Tyler Perry — you know, the Atlanta movie producer/actor — handed the keys to a new home over to an 88-year-old Arnco resident, her grown son, and her 7 great-great-grandchildren. This family lost everything in a fire four days before Christmas, and he agreed to pay to build her a new home and fully furnish it.

It was definitely an Extreme Home Makeover moment (Move that bus!) And there were tears of joy all around!

Tyler Perry and I had the opportunity to meet momentarily. I introduced myself as the reporter who first broke the story. He actually tried to thank ME, can you believe that? Dude just bought someone a HOUSE. Anywho, I set him straight, sent many blessings his way for all his generosity and we exchanged a bear hug. It was a precious moment ;-)

I'll leave you with the pictures my photographer, Jeff Leo, took to document the occasion:

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