Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speaking of gardens...

I wanted to plant another vegetable garden this spring, but I haven't found just the right location yet at our home. I decided to plant some green bell peppers in a pot (less weeds, and I can be noncommittal on a location).

As my coworker has pointed out, I need to transplant a few of these or they're going to choke each other out. I said I'd stop at bell peppers, but now I want to plant zucchini, too. Next year I hope to do a bigger garden and possibly begin composting.

A garden is just one way Jonathan and I are hoping to save money. We are by no means rich, but we live pretty comfortably. I'm happy with that. Lately, though, we've been challenging ourselves to live on less so we can do more for those who are in real need (this is probably partly influenced by reading Radical...)

I'm going to check out SouthernSavers and try my hand at couponing (I've admittedly never committed to doing this and I hear it can really save you moolah).

We're also open to finding ways to make extra money. A co-worker told me about a site where you can take online surveys in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Usually I'm skeptical of these, but she says she's already received her first gift card, so I'm going to give it a try.

It's particularly challenging to restrain your spending when you're not in a tough financial spot!! Pray that we would commit to this way of living and be content with what we have!!

Any other helpful suggestions? How do you make/save money?

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